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To make the lives of our clients better. The more we can take off your plate, the freer you are to devote time to what you enjoy most.

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We have the expertise to handle your needs.

Some of our services include:

  • Retirement Planning

    • Retirement projections—forward-looking "what if" scenarios
    • Create a plan to retire, and stay comfortably retired
    • Social Security claiming strategies
    • Pension election strategies (joint vs single life, lump-sum vs monthly income)
    • Medicare and healthcare strategies for early retirement
    • Generating income from your investments
  • Income Tax Planning

    • Tax minimization strategies
    • Build a portfolio to make sure you are not paying unnecessary taxes
    • Annual review of your income tax returns to look for any missed opportunities
    • Tax-efficient distribution methods for retirement income
    • Roth conversions and Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) strategies
  • Estate Planning Guidance

    • Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney
    • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
    • Charitable giving strategies
    • Probate vs non-probate assets
    • Review of beneficiary designations, Transfer on Death
    • Gift tax planning
    • Tax minimization strategies for gift, death, and inheritance taxes
  • Investment Management

    • Personalized portfolio construction
    • Asset Allocation - risk vs reward
    • Investing for growth, income, and downside protection
    • Rebalancing to stay in line with long-term goals
    • Proactive adjustments based on our market outlook
    • Access to countless investment options, pre-screened by our team
  • Insurance

    • Life Insurance—Term and Permanent
    • Income Replacement/Disability
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Business Planning

    • Business continuation planning
    • Valuation analysis to buy or sell a business
    • Buy-Sell Agreements
    • Specialty insurance for business owners
  • Financial Planning Advice

    • Construction of a roadmap for your success
    • Advice regarding real estate (residence or investment property)
    • Advice regarding closely held private stock, stock options, Employee Stock Plan, Etc.
    • Coaching and accountability to keep your plan on track

We have the expertise to handle your needs.

Some of our services include: